Committee 2017–2018

Our MCR has a highly active committee that is responsible for most aspects of student life. The committee is elected from Balliol MCR members in accordance with the MCR Constitution, and holds regular, minuted meetings that all MCR members are invited to attend. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions about graduate student life at Balliol.

Information on past committees is available from 2009. All e-mails are

The 2017–2018 MCR Committee members are:


E-mail: mcr.president
Field of Study: MPhil in Economics
Home Country: Germany

Hi everyone!

My name is Lukas, and I will serve as your MCR President this year. As such, my responsibility is to represent the MCR community vis-a-vis college and other affiliated organisations and to coordinate the work of the wonderful committee you're being introduced to on this page. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make the MCR an (even) better place or if there is any other issue you would like to talk about!

I'm currently in the second year of an MPhil Economics which will hopefully lead me towards a PhD in the same exciting subject. When I'm not busy with MCR duties or my studies you can find me chilling in the garden, dancing, in the gym, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, eating chocolate...

Previously, I spent a year in the hell that is finance in London and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at ... Balliol. What that (hopefully) tells you? It's a pretty amazing place!


E-mail: mcr.vicepresident
Field of Study: DPhil in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences
Home Country: Canada

As MCR Vice-President, my main role is to manage all domestic affairs in the graduate facilities and residences, including administering the room ballots and surveys, and liaising with various representatives such as the kitchen and coffee reps. My other major responsibility is to attend college meetings, work with the President to represent the interests of the MCR, and act on behalf of the President in his absence. This year, I hope to enhance the MCR’s digital presence, automating more tasks and making better use of data.

I’m currently in my second year at Oxford, researching digital government at the Oxford Internet Institute. Before Oxford, I worked for the Ontario Public Service, a provincial public service in Canada, on policy related to child welfare, corporate finance, and child and youth mental health. In my spare time, I row.


E-mail: mcr.treasurer
Field of Study:
Home Country:

I am Marc Pacitti, second year MPhil in Economics, and your MCR Treasurer. Come to me for any reimbursements for spending on the behalf of the MCR or any MCR budget queries. I’m also one of the very few people who knows how to use the projector in the cockpit.


E-mail: mcr.secretary
Field of Study:
Home Country:

I’m a second year Dphil student in Mathematical physics, who happens to have the honour of being your MCR secretary. Apart from writing minutes and protocols at meetings my responsibility is to write weekly notices to the community. So if you have anything you want to bring forward, send me an email.

If paragraphs and formalities is not in your taste, I am always keen to talk about my research in conformal quantum field theories, about my home country Sweden, or anything else beneath the sun.

Social Secretary

Field of Study:
Home Country:

Hi I am Harriet, one of the social secretaries. We organise all the fun MCR social events such as Bops, exchange dinners and wine & cheese evenings! The Balliol MCR is known for its vibrant social community which we help to support year round via a wide range of social activities. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the social side of college, please feel free to contact me or any of the other secretaries.

Social Secretary

E-mail: prince.abudu
Field of Study: DPhil in Computer Science
Home Country: Harare, Zimbabwe

Hi! I am Prince one of your Social Secretaries this year! As a Social Secretary, I will mostly be responsible for planning, organising and promoting MCR social activities! Essentially, I will be one of the people you will get to see at almost any MCR social event - Bops, Exchange dinners, BBQs, Picnics, you name it...Prior to being in Oxford, I was reading for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. My current research focuses on optimising Machine Learning Algorithms i.e. Recurrent Neural Networks, for Embedded Systems and IoT applications. I am looking forward to a great term serving you!

Social Secretary

E-mail: nyssa.muheim
Field of Study: MPhil in Modern Languages
Home Country: United States

Hi! I’m Nyssa, and I am one of your social secretaries for the year.

I’m currently in my second year at Balliol, researching French literature (mainly Francophone Algerian women’s writing), but previously I was living in working in France as an Au Pair and an English teacher, and before that as a student at Saint Mary’s College of California, located in my home state. Aside from academic interests, I love cooking, wandering around art museums, and I started rowing last year and definitely recommend it if you haven’t tried it before!

As one of your social secretaries, I'll be helping plan a bunch of events, from the traditional bops and dinner exchanges to board game nights, wine and cheese events, picnics, and whatever else you’re interested in! We’re very open to suggestions, and we want to make sure that everyone is able to take advantage of the many wonderful things that Balliol has to offer. Please feel free to contact any one of us with questions, comments or suggestions.

Bar Manager

Field of Study:
Home Country:

Coming Soon!

Sports Officer

E-mail: maria.delriochanona
Field of Study: DPhil in Mathematics
Home Country: Mexico

Hi! I'm Maria and I am you're Sport Officer!
As sports officer I look after the gym and sports facilities but I also do fun stuff like organizing friendly matches and jogging groups. If you want to have a special sports event, please let me know and I'd love to help out.
Also, if you have any special suggestion/request send me an email and I'll look through it.

Other than sports I am doing a DPhil in Maths on economic modelling using networks and agent-based models. As part of the Institute for New Economic Thinking I try to address important economic problems with novel techniques, in particular using complex systems approach.

Last thing, I am a huge football fan and I very much look forward to the upcoming world cup!!!

Welfare Officer

E-mail: yasmeen.arif
Field of Study: Modern South Asian Studies
Home Country: UK

Hello! I'm Yasmeen and as one of your Welfare Officers this year, my job is to help look after your wellbeing during your time at Balliol. I'm here to help you with any personal issues you might be facing, whether that's around sexual health or around physical and emotional wellbeing. Whatever you want to talk about is confidential, and I'll also be happy to give you information on what resources are available in the university and city to help you get the support that's right for you.

Before coming to Oxford I worked in lots of different jobs in the social care field, alongside qualifying as a social worker, and I read Anthropology at Cambridge for my first degree. I like to think that this gives me experience both in the sheer oddness of Oxbridge and in helping people to overcome issues they might be struggling with. You're welcome to send me an email or catch me around if you'd like to arrange a time to talk, and I can promise to have a good supply of tea and biscuits on hand! I'm elected to help you, so don't be shy to get in touch.

Welfare Officer

E-mail: mohamed.elmi
Field of Study: DPhil in Mathematics
Home Country: UK

Hi, I'm Mohamed and I'll be one of your welfare officers. My job is to look after your wellbeing and make sure that your time in the MCR goes smoothly as possible. I am also a trained peer-suppoorter and will listen to any concerns you may be having in the strictest confidence. I am a DPhil student in the Mathematical Physics group. I mostly work on Calabi-Yau manifolds.

Women's Officer

Field of Study:
Home Country:

My name is Ekaterina (Katya) and I am a second year MPhil student in Economic and Social History. This year I will serve as your Women’s Officer. My main duty is to represent the interests of the female students and everyone who identifies as a woman at Balliol. If you are experiencing harassment or would like to talk about the issues you might have as a female student in your academic or social environment, please do contact me! I will be more than glad to help you define a problem and will re-direct you to the relevant services within the College and the University. We also organise a number of events throughout the year. Of course, the flagship one is our termly seminar named after Lady Dervorguilla, wife of the college's founder, John de Balliol.

Arts and Research Officer

E-mail: daan.wesselink
Field of Study: DPhil in Clinical Neuroscience
Home Country: The Netherlands

Hi! Although even the best of us have fallen to the pressure of revision and reports, this year, I’ll try to encourage you to enjoy the cultural volcano that is Oxford. De facto, this involves pretty miscellaneous events, from hard-core academia to the Academy awards.

I’m in the second year of my DPhil, dividing my time between UCL and Oxford. Before Balliol, I attended two Dutch unis (Utrecht, Groningen). When I’m not looking at people’s brains or asleep on the X90, I enjoy theatre, choral music and British panel shows.

Environmental Officer

E-mail: eloise.hamilton
Field of Study: Mathematics
Home Country: Australia

Hello everyone, I’m Eloise, a second year DPhil student in Mathematics and your new Environmental Officer for this year.

My first year in Oxford made me realise how lucky we are as Balliol graduates: not only do we have the Holywell Manor interior all to ourselves, we also have its incredible garden. Together I am hoping that we can make the most of these great facilities while reducing our environmental footprint. Simple steps include making any surplus food available for communal use to reduce food wastage, and encouraging the practice of borrowing, swapping or donating amongst ourselves rather than buying or throwing out. I would also like to organise seasonal tours of the garden to help us better appreciate them and the work that goes into their maintenance.

Most importantly, I am here to take on board any ideas you might have to help make the Balliol MCR more environmentally friendly. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Field of Study:
Home Country:

I am in my third year of a DPhil in the Department of Plant Sciences. I did my undergraduate and masters studies in Environmental Biotechnology in Mexico, where I am originally from.

I am really devoted to making a difference within the MCR and to making it a better and more inclusive place for everyone. I hope to plan different cultural diversity celebrations throughout the academic year, where we can all come together with one another to learn and celebrate each other's cultures. For all these celebrations I will seek help from the ethnic minority societies in our university.

As your Ethnic Minorities Officer, but also as an LGBTQ+ and disabled student, I will be an approachable person who you can talk to about any issue, no matter how big or how small, that you have within the MCR or the university.

LGBTQ+ Officer

E-mail: adam.keilthy
Field of Study: DPhil in Mathematics (Algebraic Number Theory, if you care)
Home Country: Republic of Ireland

Hi there! I'm Adam and I will be your LGBTQ+ officer this year. Fortunately, Oxford and Balliol are incredibly welcoming places with regards to queer identities. Should your experience be different, I'm here to help! To welcome you to the queer community, to advise on sexual health, and to listen to your general woes.

I'll also being doing some more fun things: brunch, queer movie screening, queer craft evenings, grumbling about letters missing from my title, and the occasional social gathering with the wider queer community in Oxford.

So, in short, if you ever want to talk maths, knitting, potatoes, or QUILTBAG+ issues, I'm your man!

Disabilities Officer

Field of Study:
Home Country:

I'm Charlotte, and I'm your Disabilities Officer. I'm finishing up my MSt in Socio-Legal Research, and starting my DPhil. My research focuses on children's law in South East Asia and the effect of foreign influences on how lawyers, politicians and the media talk about children. When not working, I can often be found exploring the world's weirdest theme parks.

As Disabilities Officer, I'm here to help out anyone in the MCR community who identifies as having a disability or chronic illness. This includes physical, sensory, cognitive, mental and developmental disabilities and both visible and invisible disabilities. I've had personal experience of disability and developing a chronic illness whilst at Balliol, so I'm here for questions big or small, providing advocacy support, and working to ensure disability awareness across the MCR.

I believe that Balliol is an open and welcoming community for those with all forms of disability, but there are always things we can do better. Please email me if you encounter any obstacles navigating Balliol or Oxford life. Also do email if you're thinking about applying to Balliol as a graduate, and have any questions about disabled students' experiences.

Living Out

Field of Study:
Home Country:

Hi! I'm Ellie and I'm your Living Out Officer for 2017/18. I'm going into my third year (eek) of a D.Phil in Oncology, having previously graduated from the University of Bristol. My job is to ensure that those living outside of the manor complex become fully integrated within the MCR community. This will involve special BBQs, pub trips, brunches and more to get MCR members out and exploring Oxford, as well as events held within the manor aimed specifically at living-outers. The rental market in Oxford can pretty daunting, so I'm also here to help you navigate your way through the process of finding and renting a house. While the manor is undeniably lovely, living out has so many advantages and I'm keen to help you make the most of it!

General Officer

Affiliations Officer

IT Officer

E-mail: james.farmer2
Field of Study: Engineering Science
Home Country: UK