Balliol MCR has a rather short history. It was formally founded in 1990, some seven centuries after the College itself, and presumably a long time after Balliol first took graduates.

Prior to this time, graduates were members of a Graduate Society of the JCR. The documents from that time suggest the decision to form an independent MCR was controversial, pitching the JCR Committee against the Graduate Society Committee. Indeed, it must have been controversial within the Society itself, with the final vote coming down to a bare majority (22 out of 43 votes in favour of an Independent MCR, with the other votes split between 'status quo' and a simple name change).

Twenty years on, Balliol has both a strong MCR and a strong JCR, and the two institutions have a very cooperative relationship, demonstrating that the 1990 decision, however close, was the right one.

The documents below were provided by Dorte Rich Jorgensen, who led the independence struggle and was the MCR's first President.

Campaign Materials from Graduate Society

Committee Ballot Form

Returning Officer's Count of the Ballots

Letter from College Recognising the New MCR

Original Constitution of Balliol MCR