A wide range of services are available to all Balliol MCR members. These range from use of Holywell Manor facilities to a wide range of games, movies, periodical literature, and sporting equipment that may be borrowed by members. In conjunction with College, the MCR also operates public computing facilities and a recycling program.

Use of Public Areas

As an MCR community, we are very fortunate that the Manor complex has so much common space for use to use and enjoy. It is your responsibility to leave public spaces as you found them or better. In particular, please clean up after yourself! Plates, coffee mugs, wine glasses or any other unwanted items MUST NOT be left around in public areas after the event. Communal items like kitchen equipment or board games MUST be returned to their specified location.

It is often possible to use the public areas for one's own events. Any MCR member who wishes to hold an event in the Manor should first contact the Assistant Praefectus. In the case of large or potentially noisy gatherings additional permission is required from both the President of the MCR and the Praefectus. Out of consideration for residents, permission for social events will not be given during the examination period (4th-8th week of Trinity Term).

Sporting Equipment

Equipment for Loan
Sports equipment for the use of MCR members is stored in the MCR Sports Cupboard located directly opposite the Lodge. You can borrow equipment in exchange for your Bod Card by speaking with the Lodge. Here you can find the required equipment for various sporting activities, a complete list of which can be found here.

If you want to suggest the MCR purchase something, please get in touch with the MCR Sports Representative!

See below for more details regarding the two punts owned by Balliol MCR.

MCR Mailing Lists

The MCR maintains two main mailing lists for communciation to and among members:

The balliolmcr List
balliolmcr@maillist.ox.ac.uk is the official mailing list of the Balliol MCR. It is typically used by College for official announcements as well as by the MCR Committee to publicize MCR events. Only authorized users may post to this list.

Because this list is occasionally used by college to disseminate important information, all Balliol MCR students are automatically subscribed and cannot be unsubscribed. We also welcome non-MCR subscribers if they have a significant interest in our MCR (for example, domestic partners of members).

Please feel free to contact the MCR Committee if you have a need to make postings to this list, or if you would like to nominate a non-MCR subscriber.

The balliolmcr-misc List
balliolmcr-misc@maillist.ox.ac.uk is an unofficial mailing list that is used for everything from advertisements to philosophical debates. Any subscriber may post and the list is not moderated. However, please be respectful and use the list for topics that would be of interest to a reasonable number of MCR members. Keep in mind that College officials and people outside of Balliol may be subscribed to this list.

You are not automatically subscribed to balliolmcr-misc and you may choose whether to subscribe. 

If you wish to join, send a blank e-mail to:
and follow the instructions automatically generated e-mail.

If you wish to leave, send a blank e-mail to:
and follow the instructions in the automatically generated e-mail that follows.

Computing Facilities

Up-to-date computing information may be found in the computing section of the College website.

Networking in Rooms
All student rooms have a wireless router which provides wireless connections to Eduroam and OWL. You will need to set up a remote access account before using these services. Additionally, OWL requires a VPN client.

Eduroam and OWL are services run by the University and more information about them may be found here. Additionally, the router also provides 4 sockets for wired Ethernet connections. These connections are substantially faster than the University wireless services. If it is your first time using the wired connection, you will first need to complete a registration process before you can access the internet.

Public Computing Facilities
While the networking infrastructure at the Holywell Manor is being upgraded, there are 2 computer terminals located in the Holywell Manor Postroom. You will need Oxford University Single Sign-On credentials to use these machines. There is also a black and white laser printer in the postroom. You will be charged up to 5p per single-sided page on your battels.

Once the network upgrades are complete, there will be additional computer workstations available in public areas, as well as wireless internet coverage throughout the Holywell Manor complex.

If you're having trouble using the Facilities at Balliol:
Please take a look at the College Computing Website, which contains a great deal of useful information and lists of commonly encountered problems. The University Computing Services Website may also be useful for finding answers to problems, as well as providing links a useful array of services, software, and trainings to members of the university.

If you need further assistance, the MCR IT Officer and ICT Technical Manager can both help with Balliol network related problems. While they are often able to offer informal advice for machine-specific problems, students should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for their own computers.

Recycling and Waste

In 2012, the City of Oxford started an important initiative to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill and exceed a 50% recycling target. The Balliol MCR is proud to make a contribution to this campaign.

There are single-stream recycling bins in every student room (red bins with no liner) and kitchen (clearly labeled) at the Manor complex. You can place any of the blue bin materials listed here into any of these recycling bins.

Additionally, the separation of compostable food waste is currently under study, and may be implemented in the near future. For larger items, containers are located at different points outside each building of the Graduate Complex (parking lot behind Dellal Building for Martin and Dellal, past the Porter's Lodge on Manor Road for the Manor, main entrance of Jowett Walk). Blue containers are for recyclable materials, while green containers are for general and sanitary waste.

Batteries and printer cartridges:. Please place used batteries and printer cartridges in the box labelled "batteries" in the postroom.
Other items:. Rather than throwing away other belongings (clothes, crockery, etc), try selling or donating them to other Balliolites via the balliolmcr-misc list, or take them to one of Oxford's many charity shops, e.g.: Oxfam (17 Broad Street), AgeConcern (21-22 St Clements Street).

If you have any further questions regarding recycling, please contact the MCR Environmental Officer.


Balliol owns two punts for use by postgraduates. Bookings can be made online at Balliol Bookings (single sign-on required) for 3 hour blocks from April through November. Only one MCR member in the party needs to book under their name. Up to 5 other people can join and they do not have to be Balliol members.

After a booking is made, keys can be picked up from the Holywell Manor Lodge in exchange for your University Card. You'll receive a key for the lock on the mooring chain. In the deck chair storeroom (North Wing ground floor stairwell) you'll find the cushions, a paddle, and some life jackets if you want them; the pole is in the JFY bike shed. Please be extremely respectful of St. Catz, especially with respect to noise levels, as they have graciously allowed use of their mooring spot.

You may book the punt once every 72 hours, unless the second slot you want is empty and available on the day you want to punt again. You must cancel your slot on the website as soon as possible if you become unable or unwilling to use it. At the end of your session, the punt must be moored at Ring #1, all accessories returned, and the key returned to the Manor Lodge BEFORE your 3 hour slot is over. The punting scheme is operated by the MCR Admiral of the Fleet. Please direct any questions and concerns, especially those regarding maintenance to the Admiral.

Bike Lending Scheme

The Balliol MCR Bike Lending Scheme allows you to borrow our MCR bikes for free. We have five MCR bikes currently stationed in the JFY bike yard (under the tarp behind the big iron gate on Manor Rd just past the Porter's Lodge towards St Catz). The bikes are ready for you to trundle about the streets of Oxford. Use the online booking system via the link below to reserve a bike, then get the keys from the porter on duty. The bike must be returned by midnight the day after collection. Each bike comes with its own lock, plus you have the option to borrow a set of lights and/or a helmet, which can also be found in the lodge. If you find you are regularly borrowing MCR bikes then I would encourage you to buy your own bike, as the Bike Lending Scheme is a limited resource that is only intended for occasional use.

How to use the online booking system
When you click the Reserve button for the bike you want, it takes you to quite a generic form as it’s also used for room bookings. The important bits are the Begin and End time which refers to the period you want to borrow the bike for, and the Add Accessories button which is for borrowing lights/helmet. You can edit your reservation by clicking on it under Upcoming Reservations on the Dashboard page. After returning your lights/helmet you must tick the Lights/Helmet Returned boxes on the reservation page, so that we can keep track of how many are available. If you lose the lights/helmet then please don’t tick these boxes, and you will be charged via battels so that we can buy new ones (charges are £5 for lights, £15 for helmet). Please describe any faults with the bike in the Reported Faults box to notify the bike rep.


Storage space is extremely limited at Holywell Manor and therefore only returning graduates who have a reserved room for the following academic year may put items into storage. 

Items placed in storage must be contained in secure boxes and clearly labelled with your full name, the date you depart, the date you are returning and the room to which you are returning. You will be asked to sign your items in and out of store at the Lodge.